Vison & Purpose: The Freedom to Dream

Whenever I travel somewhere I always enjoy imagining what the city will look like in the following decades. For example in my recent travels to Dallas, TX I couldn’t help but wonder what this city, which has been growing rapidly in the past decade will look like in the following two.

It’s fun to create these kinds of imaginative pictures but we can also do the same with our personal lives. In my personal financial journey I’ve begun to dream, plan and execute towards an amazing future. However often times I’ll talk to folks who don’t know where they’re going with their finances. They can’t see beyond the current year or decade. These people don’t see how fun and exciting creating a financial vision can be.

The blog up to this point has been primarily focused on my experiences as a traveler. Although I will continue to share stories from future trips (and a particularly special adventure I had last April), I will be sharing more about my truly greatest interest: personal finance.

There are so many facets of the personal finance world I can’t expect to cover all of them in the scope of just a few blog posts. As with a lot of things, personal finance isn’t as simple as chewing gum (which probably actually has a pretty complex molecular structure). However I hope I can demystify the subject at least a little.

While I don’t claim to be an expert I know I can provide value to a lot of you by summarizing wisdom I’ve gleaned from some of the leading financial experts – wisdom that I got from reading literally hundreds of books, videos, and articles. I may even take you on a tour through my personal finances.

For me dreaming bold has always been a natural outflow of my outlook on life. I view the world through the lens of what things are capable of being, and how they can improve in the future. While I recognize there can be extremely painful periods for everyone, I know we will continue to see the overall improvement of living standards for third world countries as well as America.

That’s why I’m so optimistic about my future and the future of everyone else in my age group. As this younger generation begins rising up in the workforce a few things will become apparent. 1) This is one of the best times to be alive for anyone who wants to create financial freedom. 2) The sooner you take personal responsibility for your finances and take initiative to understand more, the sooner you can begin making moves that will set you up for a better life in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. And lastly 3) For anyone who thinks this isn’t important or it’s too complicated or boring, remember: Personal finance is one of the top 4 most important topics (up there with God, relationships, and physical health).

On this fourth of July I hope we can appreciate the opportunity we have in this country to both dream and pursue happiness. Personal finance doesn’t have to be boring or complicated – that’s what I hope you take away in this blog.

Disclaimer: The information regarding personal finance found in this blog is not a substitute for professional guidance. By following the guidance in this blog you are doing so at your own risk. This blog is simply the option of one person for informational and educational purposes. Please refer to your personal financial advisor in regards to guidance over your specific situation.

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