The Art of Being Short

Depending on who you hang out with, a lot of your friends may be taller than you. While it can be fun to poke fun at each other’s heights, (especially when we’re younger) the truth is height can have big impacts on what you become in life.

Generally speaking, the taller you are, the easier it is to garner attention. While attention in and of itself isn’t a prerequisite for success, it certainly helps.

One of my friends, 6 foot 1, has certainly had interesting conversations with me about height and what it means for our potential future. For example, did you know that most U.S. presidents were taller than the average height at their time? Is this just chance?

I don’t think so. I think there is a pattern. Generally, with greater height comes greater self-confidence and potential social skills. And with each of those comes the potential to look, act and be more of a leader.

But what if I’m not tall? Can I still be successful? Definitely. Especially if you understand the reasons behind tall-peoples’ success. Former president James Madison was pretty short. One of the richest people in the 19th century, Andrew Carnegie was short as well. If they can do it, there’s a chance you can too.

Recognize that just because someone is taller doesn’t make them any more of a leader than you. It just means they are perceived to be more of one and therefore have an advantage. The best way to overcome this gap is to step up your game in the realm of social confidence.

Sit up straight. Hold your head high. Act like a leader. Before you know it you’ll be going toe to toe with tall people everywhere.

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